3 Sisters #full of love in battle mode

schmitz+möbus kollektiv & WEHR51 are presenting

Promotion Prize of the KunstSalon Cologne

04. Oktober 2023, 7.30 pm, Kleines Theater Bad Godesberg, Bonn
20. Oktober 2023, 8 pm, Parallel Plattenladen, Köln
26. Oktober 2023, 7 pm, Café Roland, Pforzheim

A kitchen table, two chairs, two sisters: 3 Sisters #full of love in battle mode" is about sisterhood, about the specialness and intensity of this special relationship.

The stimulating theatre evening shows a modern perspective on constantly changing sister relationships and sharpens the audience's view of their own family structures: What does it mean for your own path in life to be a sister? What understanding of roles results from this, what social projections are there? Whether genetic closeness or emotional attachment: sisterly relationships are touching, astonishing, sometimes perplexing and always curious. Sisters share the same experiences, but behind them there are always two truths.

A kitchen radio, a fruit bowl, a Playmobil house and two handheld beamers guide us through the scenic realisation. Live cameras and headsets transport the intimate content into the private spaces of the audience, where images of childhood places emerge.
Interviews from the close family circle, documentary material, literary memories, fictional narratives and video projections are supplemented by playful scenes and bring back situations in which people laughed, argued and lived together.

The theatre makers Anna Möbus and Franziska Schmitz are not sisters, but they have one thing in common in their family biographies: in both families a sibling died by accident. In their first joint play, Anna Möbus and Franziska Schmitz examine how the loss affects them. It is based on very personal interviews with family members of different generations. What triggers such a traumatic experience as the loss of a sister? Do the positions within the family shift?

Acting/ Concept/ Organisation: Anna Möbus + Franziska Schmitz | Direction/ Concept: Andrea Bleikamp | Choreography: Sophie Killer | Dramaturgy: Rosi Ulrich | Video: Videokiosk (Sebastian Steimel and Sophie Schumacher-Hernández)

victim of the pandemic situation: UA 28. Mai 2021, 20 h, Mannheim,
Premiere: 2. Juli 2021, 17,00 / 19.30 h, Café der Diakoniekirche Luther, Mannheim
23. March 2022, 8 pm, 26. March 2022, 6 pm, Freihandelszone, Krefelder Str. 71, Köln
30. April / 1. May 2022 7 pm, Gebäude 9, Deutz-Mülheimer Str. 117, Köln
21. / 22. May 2022 8 pm, zeitraum exit, Mannheim
01. June 2022, 8 pm, Niehler Freiheit, Vogelsanger Str. 385, Köln
22. June 2022, 8 pm, Alte Mühle, 16244 Groß Schönebeck
24. / 25. June 2022, 8 pm, Brotfabrik, Cagliariplatz 1, Berlin
29. June 2022, 8 pm, Maastrichter Salon, Maastrichterstr. 17, Köln
29. August 2022, 8 pm, atelier moblie, Alfred-Schütte-Allee 165, Köln
02. September 2022, 8 pm, Maastrichter Salon, Maastrichterstraße 17, 50672 Köln
22. September 2022, 8 pm, Kolbhalle, Helmholzstr. 8-32, Köln
13. october 2022, 8 pm, Büdchen Casablanca, Sülzburgstr. 164, Köln
25. november 2022, 20 h, Parallel Schallplatten, Brabanter Str. 2-4, Köln
16. december 2022, 8 pm, Studio 11, Gravenreutherstr. 11, Köln
18. december 2022, 6 pm, Kulturraum 405, Venloer Str. 405, Köln
30. März 2023, 20 h, Bürgerhaus Kalk, Kalk-Mülheimer Str. 58, Köln



"The fact that the play was preceded by hours of family interviews, which also gave the interviewees the opportunity to break through their own speechlessness, or rather their own loss of speech in the face of a child's death, is well suited to the play into which the results flow. And so the time that only flies by here comes to an end in a high bow wave before the audience throws itself into a frothing applause that does not spare itself with shouts of bravo. Andrea Bleikamp has every right to pat herself on the back once again, Anna Möbus and Franziska Schmitz have delivered a magnificent debut" (original sound, Michael S. Zerban)

"The two actresses @annamoebus and @schmitz_franziska are not related to each other, but have researched the biographies of their respective families. The very personal conversations with their mothers and their sisters is the basis of the play, in which biographical and fictional narrative elements are combined to create an intense theatrical experience, somewhere between classical narrative theatre and therapeutic family constellations.
A doll's house is placed on the table and memories of old times are awakened when the little dolls are placed in their respective rooms. Suddenly, deep sadness is mixed into the cheerful play about recalling shared experiences. The day when an accidental death of a sibling inflicted a severe trauma on their childhood comes to mind. Both of the actresses' mothers had indeed had a death in the sibling circle. Cautiously and with a fine feeling for the fragility of these intimate tragedies, the traumatic biographical experiences are transformed into a strong, fictional story." (kritikgestalten, Norbert Raffelsiefen 18.3.22)

Produced by schmitz+möbus kollektiv, in cooperation with WEHR51
supportet by Kulturamt Mannheim, LBBW Stiftung, Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR (#takeaction und #takeheart Wiederaufnahmeförderung), NRW-Stipendium.
supported in the frame of Freiwilderer by Freihandelszone, Köln