We live in a world of things. Partly we do not function without it, partly it is a pseudo dependence. If we dedicate ourselves to these things, we rediscover our relationship, both positive and negative. Which role do these things play in a female life, how are we determined by them? What do they express about women in society and what roles do we give them or let them push us into role models? Two dancers explore the boundaries between dependence, status and necessities. Like flashlights, the miniatures are shown in 10-minute performances at various locations and the respective object is examined critically, comically and stimulatingly.

Director/Concept: Andrea Bleikamp
Dance/Choreography: Sara Blasco Gutiérre, Katharina Sim
P+Ö: neurohr & andrä

#1 hairy and furry: 19.1.2020, 18 h, St. Gertrud, Cologne
#2 a fistfull of dollars: 23.1.2020, 19 h, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne
#3 pass the wine and fuck plastic: 24.1.2020, 19 h Old Fire Station, Cologne
#4 you'd better shut up before I shoot you down: 25.1.2020, 19 h, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne, 21., und 22.8.2020, 21 h Südstadt, Cologne
#5 secrets of women's handbags: 26.1.2020 18 h dance invoice, Cologne, 22.8.2020, 19.30 h Südstadt, Cologne


Produced by WEHR51, in cooperation with the festival tanz.tausch and  Freihandelszone - ensemblenetzwerk köln

supported by: RheinEnergieStiftung KULTUR