The Perfect Clone

an experimental dance performance with hologram

a coproduction with Sara Blasco Gutiérrez
30. April (PR) - 2. May 2021, Tanzfaktur, Cologne

"The perfect Clone" is an experimental dance performance that combines a holographic dance installation with a live performance. The central theme is the identity conflict of a woman who is confronted with the uncertainty of finding out who she really is in her life between the virtual and the real world.
Who are we really? What is real? Do we control our virtual identities or do they control us? The Perfect Clon is a journey to the question of what constitutes our personality and identity in both analogue and virtual life. In search of our true identity we experience the contradictions between desire and being, creator and creation, control and loss of control.

Artistic direction, concept : Sara Blasco Gutiérrez, by and with: Melli Müller, Lisa Hellmich and Sara Blasco.
video, music: Alessandro De Matteis, dramaturgy: WEHR51, holograms: Tobias Zimmermann, costume design: Paula Noller, lighting design: Jan Kutscher, stage & technology: Tobias Zimmermann and Jan Kutscher, assistance: Lisa Hellmich, project management: Anika Bendel, press and public relations: Mechtild Tellmann




A morning routine in the bathroom
" Not without reason Blasco has explicitly labelled her new work as an experiment. And therein is the value of her work. Similar to Kobie van Rensburg with The Plague, here she has entered new territory. In this context, it is worth recalling the first running pictures of the Lumière brothers, from which great cinema was to be born many years later. And so these attempts by Sara Blasco and her very dedicated team cannot be overestimated." (Michael Zerban in O-Ton, May 2021)

The dance in weightlessness
"The Spaniard Sara Blasco plays with the technical possibilities of the digital to discover her own psyche. ... In a fascinating way, the language of dance merges with the magic tricks of holographic images to create a reflection of human identity. The two air beings were danced by Melli Müller and Lisa Hellmich. Between bath and toilet, meanwhile, Sara Blasco shows through anger and shame her wrestling with the diverse forms of the ego." (Thomas Linden in Kölnische Rundschau May 2021)

A coproduction of Sara Blasco Gutiérrez with WEHR51, in cooperation with Freihandelszone - ensemblenetzwerk köln
supportet by the Stadt Köln and Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien - #TakeAction