THE EXCHANGE PROGRAMME sponsored by the RheinEnergie StiftungKultur

WEHR51 conceives the programme with Charlotte Luise Fechner and Dr. Sandra Nuy.
Two formats are offered in this programme:
- Mediation formats: online, analogue and participative.
Together with Charlotte Luise Fechner, new formats of art education on online platforms will be offered for the production VIRTUAL BRAIN. The premiere of VIRTUAL BRAIN was planned for end of February, but it had to be cancelled. The EXCHANGE format aims to fill the resulting gap and to interest potential audiences in the topics of the play in a fun way. The first approach will be a podcast concerned with the production and the topics of the piece. It will start soon on: https://anchor.fm/wehr51

- Art as mediator: spontaneous interventions in public space
With Female Utilities and WATCH OUT! shown in public places last year, WEHR51 has already begun to draw random audiences into reflection on socially relevant issues with the help of small 10 to 15-minute scenes. In January 2021, the planned formats cannot be shown as live acts with an audience. They will now be shown as digital productions thanks to the co-production partner tanz.tausch - tanz und performance festival köln and will be presented analogue at a later date.

supported by RheinEnergie StiftungKultur.