BLUR - ™2.6]Paralyzed_PSYCHOLOGY

A THEATRICAL MUSIC-SCULPTURE by Sergej Maingardt, Jens Standke and Rosi Ulrich

in June 2019 as theatrical VR-Installation at Kunsthof Galm, Brandenburg
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If people find themselves in an ambiguous situation which is difficult to understand, i.e. in a state of great uncertainty, each individual will try to get an indication of meaningful behaviour from the observation of the others. If he receives no indication because the others, too, are insecure, it leads to paralysis or misinterpretation. No one intervenes or helps. In psychology this phenomenon is described as "pluralistic ignorance".

"In April 2017, passengers of a United Airlines aircraft will witness a passenger being forcibly pulled out of the plane ... None of the other passengers helped the man. In addition to the many possible reasons why the passenger does not receive support, it is probably important that we can no longer estimate the moral quality of the situation. Who is in the right? The airline, which has the householder's rights over the aircraft, but is itself responsible for the situation because of an overbooking that is ultimately profit-driven? The flightguest, who has to follow the instructions of the staff, but in the end ... does not understand that he has to accept an immense personal disadvantage due to the profit-seeking behaviour of the airline industry? A great fuzziness in the moral and ethical evaluation of the situation stands in contrast to a great sharpness in the implementation of commercial interests". (Dipl.-Psych. Karin Duda-Kirchhof and Dipl.-Psych. Dr. Oliver Kirchhof)

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All 6 miniatures are also available as theatrical virtual reality installations (with VR glasses and headphones).

with: Fabian Ringel; Speaker: Oliver Schnelker
Grand piano: Paulo Àlvares

Artistic direction: concept/composition: Sergej Maingardt, video art: Jens Standke, concept/text: Rosi Ulrich, Director: Andrea Bleikamp
Costume: Claus Stump, costume production: Andrea Uebel; Production management: Hannah Greve; Technique: Jens Kuklik; PR & Public relations: neurohr & andrä

after an essay of: Dipl.-Psych. Karin Duda-Kirchhof & Dipl.-Psych. Dr. Oliver Kirchhof

UA: PHYSICS & PSYCHOLOGY: 9.11.2017, 20 h, 10.-12.11.2017, Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten, Cologne
13.7.2018, KunstSalon Theaterpreis-Festival, Köln / as theatrical VR-Installation on 16. June 2019, Kunsthof GALM, in the frame of the Festival JÄTEN IM PARADIES, Milower Land, Brandenburg

360° - Video -

360° - Video - to move: hold the curser and move over the picture




The half-hour meditation on Heisenberg's theses is a one-man show in which actor Fabian Ringel has to deliver a breathless tour de force under high pressure. He is supported by the challenging video installation by Jens Standke.

In this way, the evening's visitors take a seat on beanbags in which they let themselves fall and can direct their gaze to the ceiling covered with semi-transparent canvas, on which the physical explanations are illustrated with abstract sequences of images. Driven by pulsating minimalist electroscores, particles and electrons represented as white dots form and condense into ever new formations. Even if physicists are not necessarily able to speak out enlightened when Heisenberg's fuzziness or Schrödinger's cat is spoken of next time, a hunch remains that the so-called reality is perhaps not as concrete and factual as it seemed a moment ago. Is perception merely the human attempt to create patterns and make sense in order to distract oneself from the prospect of incoherent chaos? (Robert Cherkowski in Choices 11/17)

text excerpt

Nobody says anything, nobody interferes.

Well, that's what they do around here.


this is ridiculous -

but I'm not the first one to take the rap now,

there are so many others, I don't have to ...


they were there before me, they know what really happened.

and ... what should I say or do?

In the schedule of WEHR51, produced 2017 and 2018 by the, in cooperation with Freihandelszone - ensemblenetzwerk köln
sponsored by: Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, Cultural Office of the City of Cologne