4Life Part 2: Water


performativer Media-Walk
Dates: 21 - 23 August 2024, 7.30 pm
nominated for the Cologne theatre award and
Kurt-Hackenberg-award for political theatre 2024

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LE CRI-engl

4Life Part 1: Earth


Artistic performative accompaniment to the death of an oak tree in 15 days
Dates: 29. June 2024, 11 am - 8 pm
video-audio piece:
Festival ZUKUNFT JETZT!, Eberswalde

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My Friend the Tree

Kick-Off Lab

My Friend the Tree...

A research week in Orangie Theatre

Dates: 14 - 19 March 2023

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Theatre comes to your home
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Part 1 "my new world"


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In a 3-part setting, the audience enters a bizarre living world with VR glasses, ...

Dates: 14. - 17. september 2022 Start: 7 and 9 pm
Freies Werkstatt Theater, Cologne

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1. Prize of the KunstSalon TheatreAward-Festival

Dance theatre about injuries and aging with Bibiana Jiménez (UA)


At the age of 40, most of the women rethink their lives and most of the dancers inevitably end their careers. They have experienced some injuries, pain and fractures that have left scars on the outside and inside.

Dates: 16., 17. March 2023, 8 pm

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the victory against the death (UA)


We are standing at the crossroad of a new step in evolution. It promises to finally realize the dream of overcoming death and become immortal.

PR: 30. September - 3. Oktober 2021
18. - 21. November 2021, Orangerie Theater, Köln

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IS German robbers in jihad

freely after Schiller (UA) - Kölner Theaterpreis 2020

Surprised, unbelieving and incomprehensible, the Western world watches its own children leaving their homeland to go to war, which they call "jihad" and the Western world "terrorism". This war is directed against the values and principles of the societies they come from, against democracy and tolerance.

16. - 18. September 2021, 20 h
Zionskirche, Zionskirchplatz, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

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a theatrical requiem


Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Prince and Lemmy...

dates: 18. - 20. January 2024, 8 pm / 21. January 2024, 6 pm
Orangerie Theater

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MusicTheatre about the limits of consciousness and the experience of 'reality'


by Sergej Maingardt and Rosi Ulrich
To determine if I am living in a simulation, I had to simulate myself. I decided to send a clone of myself on a journey. We both, the clone and I, decided to walk a little while together and write down everything we saw, then we separated and wrote down everything we experienced.

09. December 2022, 7:30 pm, Filmforum NRW, Museum Ludwig, Köln
03. April 2023, 7 pm, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn

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an urban space intervention


WATCH OUT! tries to make the good visible, to make the nice perceptible and to bring the irritation into public space.
With the means of art we want to enrich everyday life, by helping
or just by creating a moment of pause.

02. October 2023, 8.30 - 11.30 pm
in the streets of Cologne south-city
between RheinEnergie Wasserwerk, Comedia Theater and Orangerie Theater

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Cyber-Thriller about power and influence (UA)


After so many truths, mythological interjections and so little prospect for the future, the audience is tired but enthusiastic. ... There are follow-up performances and hopefully many invitations to other stages. This play is the most impressive one that could have been experienced this year. (Michael S. Zerban in 15.11.2018)


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after Samuel Beckett - a dance-theatre performance


Movement does not have to remain silent, but may be emptied. While Anja Lais speaks the text, Jimenez acts at dizzying heights above the roofs of Raderthal. The audience is very close to the drama of this dialogue and the shivering body of the dancer. Only the glass is between us, who at every moment feel our role as voyeurs, and the fight behind the glass. This glass then also becomes a metaphor of powerlessness, like a fly which is stuck in a preserving glass, there will be no rescue for this woman. This is the abyss in every single life that Beckett so decisively measured. "Rockaby" presents itself as a strong production whose experience you take with you into everyday life. Thomas Linden, Choises 02/15)

Dates: 8. and 9. November 2024, Orangerie Theater, Cologne

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Dance theatre

MUGEN - sleepless butterfly

Dance theatre by Yui Kawaguchi with the live-musician Mohammad Reza Mortazavi and the dancer Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Dates: 17. - 18. December 2021, 19.30 h
19. December 2021, 17.00 h, Sophiensaele, Berlin

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andropolaroid 1.1

DanceLight Performance by and with Yui Kawaguchi
5 years after the award-winning solo andropolaroid, the Japanese dancer and choreographer is developing a new perspective on the relationships between her own culture and the foreign culture.


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Series of events in Milower Land


WEEDING IN PARADISE is an encounter and exchange between art places and people, artists and potential audiences. It offers events from different art styles - dance, virtual reality, theatre, art and professionally led workshops for music, creative cooking, video, etc. The final event is an orchestrated bus tour through country and arts of the region of Milower Land. The bus tour combines existing cultural sites with modern artistic exploration.

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a theatre evening as applied utopia research (UA)


"The 'ERSCHÖPFTE DEMOKRATIE' is not a frontal theatrical sprinkling, but rather a kind of participatory experience. ... while you are sitting and developing these ideas, you often think: Yes, why not? ... All this is such a radically positive evening. These utopias inspire, you notice that in the subsequent public discussion, where the ideas were passionately discussed." Michael Hölzen in: rbb Radioeins


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Theatrical Music Sculpture (UA)



The struggle for interpretive sovereignty knows many losers - especially those who try to maintain reality as a model. The artists, who are otherwise primarily active as fiction administrators, now see themselves as responsible for measuring the map of truth in a new way. Instead of lamenting the recently unrealistic reality, theater-51grad dares to creat a creative brainstorm and questions the ability of unbiased perception. (Robert Cherkowski, Choices 11/17)

™1.6]DELTAx_PHYSICS / ™2.6]Paralyzed_PSYCHOLOGY / ™3.6]HypeReal_PHOTOGRAPHY /
™4.6]AND:OR:NOT_FUZZY LOGIC / ™5.6]Smart Factory_ECONOMY /
™6.6]Sovereign Blurriness_POLITICS / and all 6 parts as theatrical VR installation


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